Programs & Services
1. The re-homing of abused or unwanted parrots living in substandard conditions.  
2. Assistance in the placement of birds whose guardians have had to give up their bird(s) in  
   emergency situations. 
3. Providing educational resources and advice for past, current and future avian owners. 
4. Providing educational outreach to schools, groups and other organizations regarding the care  
   and responsibilities of avian ownership. 
5. Serving as a sanctuary and providing rehabilitation for birds not suitable for immediate  
                     How to adopt parrot
      If you're interested in adopting, you should start by filling out an application. You can print this and mail it by USPS, or send it via email it.                   Here's the application form.  
      Send your application to: 
Nebraska Parrot Rescue
7319 s. 18th Street
Bellevue, NE 68147
        or email it to:
       You'll also need to schedule a visit to the rescue. We’re located in Bellevue, NE (see our ‘about us’ page for more information and                               directions). Visits are normally scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, however we can usually schedule a week-night visit if necessary. 
        Please note that a visit to the rescue is required before we will consider placing a bird with you. We can not guarantee a perfect match your             first trip out; the purpose of this visit is to see if you are compatible with the birds available at that time. If you have a specific species that you           are interested in, you do have the option to be put on a ‘waiting list’, however please keep in mind that species alone does not determine                 where a bird is placed. You can also check our available page to see what birds we are currently seeking homes for. Please try to be on time           for your visit. 
      A few things to be aware of: 
1. We never place birds with smokers. This includes people who smoke only outside, at work, in  the car, or anywhere. 
2. We never ship birds anywhere. 
3. We never place a bird with someone we haven't met, interviewed, and visited with, either here, in their home, or both. 
4. We never place birds in breeding or resale situations. 
5.  If you adopt from us, you will sign a legally enforceable contract; you can read it here: adoption contract. 
How to surrender a parrot 
We normally don’t turn birds away, unless they are infected with contagious diseases, however we do need to plan ahead for any new arrivals. If you need to place a bird with us, please contact us first to assure that we have the necessary space and equipment to care for your feathered friend. 
When a bird is placed with us, we also require that a surrender agreement and an intake form is completed prior to our accepting the bird. This assures that everyone involved understands the adoption process and we can better anticipate the needs of your bird. 
We do not pay for birds or cages.
We do not assist in the sale of birds or cages to anyone for any reason.
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