After struggling through our own personal searches for avian resources and care information, it was apparent to us that local resources were not sufficient. Quite often individuals stopped to ask basic care and behavioral questions when seeing us out in public with our parrots. It did not take long for people to start inquiring as to the opportunities in Nebraska for avian adoption and re-homing. Knowing first-hand the challenges and rewards of adopting a parrot, we decided it was time to make our avian ambitions a reality. We are committed to helping avian owners make informed companion-care decisions and helping displaced birds find their forever homes.

Mission Statement
Nebraska Parrot Rescue seeks to reduce the number of companion birds living in substandard conditions by educating past, current & future avian owners. Nebraska Parrot Rescue will also seek to place abused, abandoned, lost or otherwise displaced companion birds in either foster care and/or permanent homes.

Vision Statement
To prevail over avian abuse, neglect and ignorance through rehabilitation, perseverance and education.

Values Statement

We believe that......
1. All avian companions deserve appropriate physical and behavioral care, no matter what their age, health or social background.

2. That providing a source for owner education and problem-solving will decrease the number of abused and neglected birds in our community.

3. Providing accurate information and realistic expectations about avian ownership to the general public will help current and potential  owners make responsible, informed decisions regarding their possession and care, thus improving and extending the lives of their avian companions.  

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Our current Board of Directors are as follows:
Roberta Barr
Mike Hutchison
Kimberly Baque
John Morse