Lost, Found and Stolen Birds
What should you do if you loose a bird?

This Information came from www.birdhotline.com

Put fliers (preferably with picture) in all pet shops in your area
Talk to pet shop personnel
Put fliers (preferably with picture) in all Vet waiting rooms in your area
Talk to Vet and personnel
Put fliers on poles, etc. in surrounding area
Put ad in classified section of newspaper
Talk to mail carriers in your area, newspaper delivery people, meter readers, dog walkers, gardeners, etc.
Set the bird's cage outside, with the door open, complete with fresh food and water. The cage is often a sense of security that the bird is seeking
Check the classified section of the local newspapers for "Birds For Sale" and contact any ad that is for the same kind of bird you lost
Put an ad on www.Craigslist.org Many people check that site often
Tell everyone you know who lives in your area.
Contact your local Humane Society. 
The faster information gets out there, the sooner people can help you look. 
In the Omaha/ Bellevue and surrounding area we have a great support system.
People check our web site often and if we can help in anyway by putting the photos of lost, or stolen birds on our web site then that is what we will do.
We as bird lovers know how it would feel if something would happen to our family members/ birds.  Lets work together to reunite lost, stolen and found birds with their rightful owners.
Here are just a few sites we think you should go to when reporting a lost, found or stolen bird.

www.craigslist.org (make use you put in your correct city)
www.freecycle.org (You have to become a member but anything to get your information out there. If you live in Omaha/Bellevue area I could do it for you.  Just ask.)
If you report your bird lost or stolen please give as much information as possible.  And if you do get your bird back please tell us so we can give everyone the good news.
We ask that you only report birds that would be located close to Western Iowa or Eastern Nebraska area.  We can't put all the missing birds in the US on our website.  But we can do our best for the Omaha/ Bellevue/Council Bluffs/ Lincoln and surrounding areas.