Obviously, it costs to operate this rescue/ sanctuary. There are food bills, veterinarian bills, cages and carriers, toys and perches...all the things birds need. Then there's the cost of traveling to pick up birds and to take them to new homes.
If you'd like to endow a specific function, such as a fountain, play area, or something like that, we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

We are funded entirely by donations.
Other Essentials

Air purifiers (HEPA and UV types)
• Heavy-duty vacuum cleaner
• Toys (all sizes) from finch to Macaw size
• Full-spectrum lighting
• Heating pads
• Extra-large cages in excellent condition
• Perches (cotton, sisal, tanzanite)
• Play stands in excellent condition
• Portable hospital cages
• Stainless steel food cups
• Towels
• High-resolution digital camera
• Rechargeable AA batteries
  Commercial paper cutter
~Blankets and sheets for cage covers stands
~Large, sturdy cages in good repair for larger birds
• Large wrought-iron parrot cages in usable condition
• New (unused) First Aid supplies
• Pet Carriers

Cleaning Supplies

New boxes of Latex gloves
Poop-Off Cleaner
Anti bacterial wipes & cleaners
Unscented laundry detergent
Unscented dish detergent
Scouring pads without soap
32 oz. spray bottles

A contribution can be made directly to our avian veterinarians for vet expenses Please make sure you reference the Nebraska Parrot Rescue by name:

Best Care Pet Hospital
3030 L Street
Omaha, NE 68107

There are many ways you can help parrots in need.  By donating money, we can continue to expand our facility as well as feed, provide toys and of course veterinary care.  As much as monetary donations are needed, there are other ways you can help.

Volunteering is a huge way to help.  We currently are in need of volunteers to aid in  interaction with the birds, fundraising ideas and many other volunteer tasks.
Office Supplies

Photo Quality Paper
File Folders
Hanging files
Paper clips
Quality white copy paper
Bright colored copy paper
Letter size Envelopes
.42 cent stamps
File folders
1 1/4' Binder clips
Push pins
Easels for display purposes
Food /Treats

We could always use fresh fruit and vegetables.
Zupreem Pellets
Sunseed Vita seed mix
Lafeber's Nutriberries

We welcome the donations of any of these items in unopened bags and/or containers.
Toy making Items

Pony beads
Children's plastic fun links
Bird Toy Materials
Quick links
Stainless steel wire
Cotton rope
Acrylic pieces

If you think we could use it call and ask. 
We  welcome gift cards to home supply outlets like Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards

We have a Pay Pal account so you could put your donation on your credit card. It is easiest if you type in the rescue phone number which is 402) 350-9923.  We will be accepting checks or Money Orders  by mail.

Nebraska Parrot Rescue
7319 s. 18th street
Bellevue, NE 68147
As with every rescue/refuge facility we always welcome donations of food, cages, toys, and other essentials. ( See WISH LIST below)

You can also use Pay Pal.  The email address
roberta@nebraskaparrotrescue.org    OR
the phone number of the rescue which is
402) 350-9923.  Please go to the Personal tab and click on "Gift" so we do not get charged the fees.
Thank you for donating.