We do ask a re-homing fee on all birds as we are a non profit.  We are not funded by any agency only by donations and our personal checking account.
Fancy who is a Military Macaw.  She is about 9 years old.  She is a joy to have at the rescue.  If she is out on a playstand and hears me in the kitchen she will get down and start walking throw the house calling "Mamma"  the good part about that is I know where she is and she has never chewed the wood work like some of the other full time birds at the rescue.  She does like woman over men.  
Larry is a FEMALE Quaker.  Yes i said female. She has had the name Larry for 8 years but has laid several eggs here in the last 4 months.  Like most quakers she is cage aggressive but can be handled once out.  
Athnea is a 39 year old Female, Blue and Gold Macaw.  She was adopted and returned from no fault of her own.  Her family was in the military and had to go overseas and had to surrender her.  She is a sweet macaw that likes to be in the middle of the family.  She is used to children but should never be left alone with children under the age of 15.  Athnea is great at staying on a playstand during the day.
We are currently working on this page.  Please check back.  We have many birds looking for that PERFECT home.